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 ArcSoft PhotoImpression v6.5.0.95 Gold Full

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PostSubyek: ArcSoft PhotoImpression v6.5.0.95 Gold Full   Thu Aug 28, 2008 2:23 am

ArcSoft PhotoImpression v6.5.0.95 Gold Full

ArcSoft PhotoImpression v6.5.0.95
Windows 2000/XP/Vista | 64 Mb

With all the photos, video and music files on your computer, wouldn't you like software that can actually simplify things? ArcSoft PhotoImpression 6.5 Gold not only manages your media for you, but also gives you tons of fun and exciting ways to enjoy it.

Stay Organized Without Even Trying
Even if your digital media is scattered all over your computer, PhotoImpression smartly and automatically organizes it all for you. The Calendar Browser lets you view files by date. The Import History Browser organizes files based on when they were copied to your computer. The Folder Browser gives you a Windows-like view. The Stack feature lets you stack your photos into virtual piles.

Enhance Photos Step-by-Step
The built-in Easy Fix Wizard makes photo enhancement a step-by-step process that users of all levels can appreciate. In just seconds, bad photos become pictures worth printing. Edit options include: Straighten, Crop, Enhance, Sharpen, Fix Red-Eye and Improve Color.

Push Pixels to New Places
When youre ready to take your photo editing beyond the basics, a set of advanced tools gives you pixel-level control. The Heal and Clone tools make skin blemishes and distracting objects magically disappear. The Clipboard lets you copy and paste elements from one photo to another.

Edit Hundreds of Pictures at Once
When youre working with huge numbers of photos, having a batch processing tool is key. Rotate, resize and rename an entire collection of pictures with just one click.

Find Files Fast
Powerful text-based and tag-based searching helps you quickly locate specific media files from anywhere on your system. Unique photo-based searching uses a photos color and pattern to find other similar photos.

Have Fun with Vector Graphics
Ready to get creative? A handful of vector graphic tools let you apply high-quality text and artwork to your pictures. The program comes with frames, transparent edges, speech balloons, clipart, greetings and more.

Create Dynamic Slide Shows
Turn your favorite snapshots and MP3 soundtracks into dazzling picture slideshows complete with pan and zoom effects and slide transitions. Save your shows as screensavers, video files and self-running .exe files ready to burn to disc and share with family and friends.

Work with RAW and 48-bit Image Files
Currently supports Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, and Adobe RAW files (browse, open, email, print). Also has 48-bit image file support with basic editing (crop, brightness/contrast).

Tag and Rate Photos
Applying rating and tag icons to your media keeps things organized and easy to find. More than one dozen useful tag icons are included (ie. family, friends, pet, holiday, birthday). You can even create custom tag icons using your own pictures.

Play Music and Video Back-to-Back
The built-in Media Player lets you enjoy your video and music files without having to launch another program. Whats more, the Media Player will even play video and music files back to back, automatically.

Put Yourself on a Postage Stamp
Mailing cards or invitations? PhotoImpressions built-in PhotoStamps feature lets you create and order real U.S. postage featuring your own digital pictures. Its a fun and unique way to customize your envelopes and packages.

Email Pictures Effortlessly
Turning mega-pixel photos into reasonably sized email attachments can be a hassle, but PhotoImpressions Easy Email feature makes sharing pictures quick and painless.

Print With Confidence
Printing at home can be a tricky and costly process. Thats why PhotoImpression provides the most critical tools and options along with the preview of your print page: crop, rotate, print size, paper size, media type, and orientation.

Backup Media to Disc
The built-in Easy Archive feature lets you create CD and DVD backups of your pictures, music and video files without ever having to launch another application.

Media Browser Browse files by date, folder or import event
Multiple Views View photos as thumbnails, full-screen and in between
Easy Fix Wizard Enhance photos using a step-by-step approach
Advanced Editing Make detailed photo edits using manual fix tools
Picture Book Create and share unique, interactive picture books with page turn effects. See one in action!
Color Tinting Turn regular color shots into dramatic black and whites with just a splash of color
Color Tone Apply sepia and other monochromatic color effects to your photos with just one click
Photo Email Send pictures to friends and family in a fun, colorful email template. See a sample!
Online Printing Upload and order beautiful glossy photo prints by mail from the top online print sites
Media Player Play music and video without launching another app
RAW Support Open, email & print Canon, Nikon, Panasonic & Adobe RAW
Batch Processing Rotate, rename and resize 100s of files with one click
Photo Stacking Organize related photos into virtual stacks
Image Tags Assign ratings and useful image tags to your media files
Custom Tags Design your own tag icons using digital pictures
File Searching Search and find files by keywords and tags
Photo Searching Use one photo to find all other photos that look similar
48-bit Image Support Edit 48-bit image files (crop, brightness/contrast)
Slideshow Creator Make slideshows with photos, music, and cool effects
Slideshow Output Save shows as screensavers, videos and .exe files
High-Quality Text Add text to photos with cool shadows and gradients
Vector Graphics Apply clipart, frames, and edge effects to your photos
Easy Email Turn mega-pixel photos into email-ready attachments
PhotoStamps Order real U.S. postage featuring your own photos
Easy Printing Print digital photos at-home without hassle
Easy Archive Create CD and DVD backups of media files

Sorry i cant found the crack but here is the full version :P sorry to say you have to download it again Staright face no crack needed just install it and enjoy Wink

Download Link:


Enjoy Very happy
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PostSubyek: Re: ArcSoft PhotoImpression v6.5.0.95 Gold Full   Sun Aug 31, 2008 4:20 pm

makasih infonya dan....

thank linknya bro..... 8)

Cinta adalah Kematian atas Egoisme dan Egosentrisme.....
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PostSubyek: Re: ArcSoft PhotoImpression v6.5.0.95 Gold Full   Sat Sep 06, 2008 1:45 am

Thanks for share, nice post broooooooo...............

ijin dunlud

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PostSubyek: Re: ArcSoft PhotoImpression v6.5.0.95 Gold Full   

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ArcSoft PhotoImpression v6.5.0.95 Gold Full
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